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Well, Rant time.

2008-01-25 23:21:58 by ArisingFlame

Alright. I'm done not telling anybody, so I might as well tell you guys, right?

I no longer work at Best Buy.

Wanna know why?

Too bad, I'm telling you anyway.

It started on a very long Monday at work two weeks before Christmas. I was working in the front lanes (which we had tons of fun doing). A guy comes up and I go through a thirty minute ordeal of many incorrect prices and many package deals that weren't coming up. The guy was very nice and I was not annoyed at all with the whole thing. So after we finally the whole > $1,000 purchase sorted out, I hit the [TOTAL] button (F8 on the keyboard. =P) and POP. A message showed up saying. "Customer has been awarded a free $50 gift card, Scan card and hand to customer." So I did such and, suprisingly, the guy gave it back to me.He said "Man, you've been such a help, take it, please." I was humbled by what a nice guy he was and accepted. He leaves and time goes by until...

Thursday. I use the gift card on a few lovely items on my way home from work.

Friday. I come home early from school. I felt SO sick. about 1/2 an hour after getting home the phone rings. It's my manager Owen asking if I could come in early. I of course accepted and went promptly to work. (About 12:30 PM) After a very long time at work I was walking around facing items (Arranging them and making them look nice. =P ) and I was stopped by Terry and Owen, (Terry was the manager) and they asked me to come with them. I did and we sat in the administrative office. Then came the bad news.

Terry was the first to be direct. "Do you remember using a gift card on (such and such date) for these items?"

Me - "Yeah, I remember that."

Terry - "This gift card was rung up on your till, and you used it. Where did you get the card?"

I explained to him what had happened that Monday.

Terry - "Unfortunately, corporate has flagged you and until we here their final decision, we can not allow you to be actively working."

Me - "What?! How long?!"

Terry - "Probably about a week"

Holy. Shit. Talk about a week from hell. During this week of worry, everything went wrong at once. I failed two math tests, got a heavy bout of flu,, and one of my best friends moved.

The next week. Friday. I'm sitting at home doing what I've done the whole past week. Pacing. Every time the phone rings I jump and run for it. Finally at about 6:00 PM I get a call from Owen. "Hey Teej, can you come in? Corporate responded." Of course I run straight to work, going 70 MPH at my slowest point. Not a single red light in the way.

I almost run inside, begging in my thoughts to be put back on tonight.

Terry finally opens the admin office and lets me in.

Terry - "Corporate responded. Despite the very detailed write up you provided on the incident and our pleading for your case, they made a rash decision. Since the customer you helped paid in cash, and provided nothing to be able to be tracked by, corporate has ordered a termination of your employment."

Me - "You've gotta be kidding me..."

Terry - "Nope. Sorry, we loved having you work here."

And that was that. Merry f*cking Christmas. I just lost the job I've wanted since I was twelve. Any hopes of getting that job back are an absolute no for two years.

Corporate levels should not handle cases such as employment. They only knew me from a sheet of paper. And I should have looked pretty damn good on that paper anyway. I was only late once, and that was by fifteen minutes because of an extremely close call that caused a different car wreck. There was not a day that I didn't work later than expected. Out of the two months that I had of employment, I worked over fifty hours of overtime. What the hell!? I'm not conceited but I know that I was a very good employee. Management never forgot to mention that I was one of the best there at store #863. I did not deserve this.

Sorry, I just had to get that out. You can respond or not. I just know that you guys won't get on my ass about how I did the wrong thing.


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2008-01-29 14:54:56


(Updated ) ArisingFlame responds:

The cameras didn't have audio. And the cameras were focusing elsewhere at the time


2008-01-29 20:22:41


ArisingFlame responds:



2008-01-29 20:31:01

That's horrible! Really, that was a bad decision on their part!

You should contact the big guys directly, and you will hopefully be able to argue your way out of it... if the receipt was in the records.

Also, the guy paid cash for the 1000 dollar + purchase?! WTF o.O Not credit or check?

Anyways, I feel bad for you man. That's gay.

ArisingFlame responds:

I've tried, but I basically got a big "You're SOL" sort of letter.

Yep. Cash. He'd been saving up for it for quite some time.

And yes. It is extremely gay.


2008-02-01 19:58:55

That sucks bro. Kinda makes you wonder why the guy paid in cash for a 1000+ order though.....

ArisingFlame responds:

Yeah... I'll never find out I guess.